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what more can i say?

hi...its me BOOKWORMS...and hey if your like me, your prolly sick of looking at this page and hearing about what ro-che gavera(sp) ate for break-fast and how many blunts he smoked and what new sweater hes wearing...and i dont talk much but sho heres some random pictars from the solos world of the last 12 months...(click to enlarge)
roche makes em gel lo @house party
euro chicks love it:
see told you they were random...
BOOKWORMS camera fone pics comming soon...

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Lampin' Like a Champion

The fake cake gallery played host to a wonderful evening this past saturday. Kate from KALX played some crazynish, folks were lookin, thinkin, then movin. Lulacruz soothed the kids with there beautiful music, ahhhh, it was very nice, some guys with collared shirts and glasses came early to see them. BW, BWs, and BR played an amazing show (which was caught on audio tape, podcast..... maybe), something like what I envision the VW sessions to be. Oh yeah, I DJ'd at the end, after half the crowd left to catch the last BART train. Late night party DJ...... Prince, Queen, dusty 45's and some old school hiphop all wrapped up in a blunt and passed to Bookworms and some girls I didn't know.

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