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Re: aint no half steppin in argentina


A whats up y'all? Its Yaosers reporting from the good airs (buenos aires). been having a good time down here, finding vinyl, improving my spanish, playing a black greek god in a coca cola pilot, kicking it with world famous Lulacruza , kicking it with skinny models (where's the beef) at the buenos aires fashion show, seeing a whole bunch of girls that remind me of Cecilia of world famous CB Radio (check the remix of "blue skies" , meeting really cool people, not working, returning to meat eating (excepto cerdo(pork)), and then being shown why Peru is up for best food ever award (thank you peruvian immigrants (folks @ Sabor Criollo en Uriarte en Palermo) for coming to  Buenos Aires, for without you there would be no spicy foods, seriously!!! also my chinese folks in belgrano spice it up too).

regarding the vinyl, been finding some nice treats that have inspired some hot beats, that'll appear on future sexy projects. my old employer and homie, Gabe a.k.a. Dj Riddm of Funky Riddms has Argentinean roots as his pops was a well known jazz musician from Argentina, Alfredo Espinoza of the Portena Jazz Band, found some of their wax.

Also even though Argentina did spend raw wax/ vinyl resources on pressing American records (a very popular trend for countries to do as American music is the most popular music the world over) throughout the main wax pressing times of the 60s and 70s, it didn't neglect their own Argentinean talents when it came time to press their records, as was not the case with Ghana I learned as i went the last couple times. In my opinion, I'd much rather have some rare West African deep funk/ hi life over some pop/ rock nacional record, but such is life a.k.a. resources, socio-economics, money,and priorities.

Also big up to wax poetics issue #16 for schooling us all a lil' on Brazillian vinyl, there are some covers that are easily passable, but have heat. If you dont know about Wax Poetics, you gotta know, seriously. Wax Poetics, well worth the $7.50/$8 every couple of months.

Also, as you know we are next to Brasil(Brazil) down here. that fact alone deserves a double wowsers. finding many brazillian wax down here in the right places (big up to ORO11, fellow gator, yes i) has only further wet my appetite to go and check on what my peoples are doing ova thurrr one country over. i constantly ask myself, what is this segment of the african diaspora up to? cause in oakland we got the thizz, they got the wu tang dance now in the southern states, new york got that overall gullyness, what brasil got? well i think i know, and its increible, but let's not speculate, <<<danny glover, you listening? help me pay my loans>>>>> oh sorry that was a side note/blurt.

yeah so brasil is calling me on some black magnetism ish, soon come.

big ups to yoram , grant, and sean

anyway here are some pics


img261/2483/dscn1661rs6.jpg img122/1030/dscn1717sg7.jpg img150/6695/dscn1698ve9.jpg img435/4941/dscn1736bd9.jpg img82/7016/dscn1191bn7.jpg img93/4139/dscn1693yf8.jpg img82/8493/dscn1652dp1.jpg

y ojala aca

hasta luego


BOOKWORMS october camera phone blog

first off lets play a game :
snap a pic of the chick
woo that was fun...
heres my new studio/room in c-town were ill be making my next record
and heres roche in action in the new studio
here@ solos sf  we hella international and high tek n shit so we have video meetings with solos artists like yao who are kiking it on other land masses like  ARGENTINA.
i know its hellaween season but why do they have to have a life sized zombie ripping its chest open on the counter at  the thai spot by my house?
and then some other things happened...
solos hq visits:
and chinatown zen:

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