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Partytime with Curtis Vodka, Disco Shawn, Oro11 and CB Radio
Bookworms was a party animal. He also stood on the dancefloor with his eyes closed for about 15 minutes.


Battle Of The Year

Unity Recordings of China have a new release featuring none other than Solos Records eastern star producer Jovian. Be on the lookout for his track "Grenadine Girl" on our new comp "Solos In Stereo II" (coming out this July!).


This just in...

Some girl with a newsies hat(who i'd usually ignore) had a lil birdie on her shoulder who told me this earlier today...

"EXTRA EXTRA, stickers are like the new condoms, all the guys are wearing them"

I was baffled, then the bird told me he was visiting from Hong Kong where DJ Enso djed the other night (pics), where indeed all the fellas where in fact rocking their stickers, like the back of DJ Enso (which said SOLOS IN STEREO 2- CD RELEASE SUMMER 2008- which is a good look as I know alot of people have been wondering about that) as well as this guy and his girl who look like swing dancers straight from the 30s/40s updated a bit(I'm really feelin that pic btw) rocking the Solos Records sticker. a big rrrrrespect goes out to the swinger man for blessing the arm. seen.

watch out we may start making condoms

solos recommends: Samiyam ~ Portishead ~ C.R.A.C.

So alot of good music coming out right now that i'd like to recommend-

first off, check for SamiYam, Rap Beats vol. 1 instrumental CD, he is killing it on the beats here with his own distinct style.

Portishead is back, as reported a couple mos. ago here, and I just finished my second listen and am liking it. They did not fall to the junior josh (a la sophomore slump), so dont be scurred.

and lastly, Blu, one of my fav new emcees has teamed up with Ta' Raach to form C.R.A.C.(pronounced crass, go figure) and there new album the Piece Talks is really really good- its really fun and loose and Ta'Raach comes nice on the beats. It is unlike anything I've heard before.

thats it for now... theres plenty more i can name, but yo i wont put em to use, anyways, i love music my man