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Only When I Dream


Chicago's Pugslee Atomz is a dope mc and an all around good person. We met him while on tour in Chicago. He was nice enough to play some of our music on his radio show. Since then we have all been playing more shows and making more music.

With that said, here's another preview of our new compilation "Solos In Stereo II". It's a song produced by Roche featuring Pugslee and his homie Wes Restless.

Only When I Dream-Roche ft Pugslee Atomz and Wes Restless

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One Mo Gin'


Jonesy is a rapper/singer/musician of sorts. When we first heard his stuff, we liked it. Some songs kinda sounded like Charisma meets the Biz at recess and some didn' all, but in a good way.

Jonesy and Bookworms made some songs together. The first to drop is "One Mo Gin'" on our next release "Solos In Stereo II" available this July.

You can hear a version of "One Mo Gin'" on Jonesy's myspace.

Checkout Bookworms myspace for another track featuring Jonesy.


CB Radio Gets More Love

XLR8R have posted CB Radio's "Muevete" on their mp3's page. You can now download the track off their website.

Better Propaganda have also posted "Muevete" along with CB Radio's "Blue Skies". They also somehow got a picture of the (soon to be released) "Solos In Stereo II" coverart. It looks something like this....



Hot Jamz Of Javelin

Our friends Javelin have a great video for their track "Education!"
It was made by Bennett Williamson of the GRL

You can hear more of Javelin on our next release "Solos In Stereo II".


Grenadine Girl


Jovian recently put up a slightly different version of "Grenadine Girl" on his myspace page.

Grenadine Girl-Jovian

Also checkout CB Radio's remix :

Grenadine Girl (CB Radio remix)

"Grenadine Girl" is cut off our next release "Solos In Stereo II" due for release this July. It's a compilation featuring all our resident artists as well as guest artists Javelin, Pugslee Atomz, Wes Restless and Jonesy.


CB Radio and Yao(Yaosers) @ Fake Cake Studios

The Fake Cake Studios is soon to be closed which makes us really sad, so these Grey Poupon Brothers are putting in extra work there, spending 25 hours a day in there, eating in there,dancing, drinking beers up in there, having cough syrup binges in there, and even CB Radio giving Yao mini music theory lessons on the piano. Such is the legacy that the smoldering ashes of the Fake Cake studios will have as the recking ball smashes into it and construction converting it into a parking lot begins....okay, kididing, that would be too cliché... its really going to be turned into a Chuck E Cheese
So here is some recent footage of them working on some music there:

Tormenta Tropical

CB Radio will play two last Bay Area shows before heading out to New York.
We'll be there tonight.


This show will be the last FakeCake Gallery show.


If you are in the SF Bay Area don't sleep on these shows.


Bookworms Folks

Bookworms recently self-released a five song collection of remixes. There were only twentyfive copies, each wrapped in a handsewn fabric sleeve made by Shadi. There might be plans for a second run, so if you happen to see Bookworms at a show in the Bay Area you betta axe about it.


Folks: Remixes By Bookworms

1. Mi Ami - How Can I
2. Brookhaven - Static In The Valley
3. Finest Dearest - Slow Going
4. CB Radio - Blue Skies
5. Brookhaven - Something Must Remain Of Us