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Roche & Bookworms play music in a cave

Roche & Bookworms play music in a cave, this footage was recently found and is probably from the pre historic neanderthal days.

UPDATE: Many may perhaps see the Barack Obama pins (at the video's end) as a reflection of the political leanings of Roche and Bookworms, but these items and their placement in the video are merely a representation of pics of the event and the night's partygoers and in no way reflect the opinions of Roche and Bookworms or Solos Records.

It should be also stated that Yao and Enso do openly support Barack Obama and his presidential run.


Solos crew remixes Lemonade

Lemonade, bay area hometown heroes, who have just relocated to NY are releasing their excellent debut album on True Panther Sounds today actually!! If you order it here, you will receive an exclusive remix CD featuring many incredible reworkings of the hot tracks from the album. Solos crew came out in full force, as Bookworms, Roche and Yao jumped at the opportunity to remix some of their friends great material. Don't sleep!


A Night With Yao

Yao played Beat House Rock at Club 6 in San Francisco. It was a fun night. Mr. Dibiase was the headliner but we had to cut out earlier to catch the last Tormenta Tropical at 222 hyde. It was a blast. It's too bad that little spot had to close, we had some great shows there.