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Bookworms Live @ Retox (SF, CA) 05/29/09

Bookworms half hour set from last night @ the Retox lounge in San Francisco. Bookworms having just got back in town from NY shows us his own disco and minimal techno stylings - give thanks and praises for the first 22 seconds before strapping yourself in for the journey.

Bookworms Live @ Retox

nik on first class con air coming back from NY


Bookworms Live Set May 1st Music Seen

The first 7 min of Bookworms set at Li Po May 1st
Good stuff
It gets a little louder after the talking


Yao Live @ Home Mix


Yao(sers) at home recording straight from his MPC to a half broken iriver reording device (so expect some mal- equed moments), this mix is dutty yall, one take, at the house styles, no editting with "mistakes", all recent yao productions/ ideas.

Yao(sers) Live @ Home


Solos May 1st Show Aftershots

Yao played beats off his mpc and also hosted the event

Jib Kidder played guitar into a delay peddle and then played drums and sang melodies over the live guitar loops

Fat Transfer performed songs with her laptop as the soundsource and mic
Bookworms played a live set off his 303
Roche played records

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a fun night!!


Keeping Vinyl Alive!!!

Check out this cool clip of Theo Parrish in Detroit @ Archer Record Pressing, Detroits last vinyl pressing plant, where they are still keeping the vinyl alive. Hallelujah!