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Space Blue


Space Blue Pt1 by rochesolos

Space Blue Pt 2 by rochesolos


Space Blue (CB Radio Remix) by rochesolos

Roche delivers the latest installment in Solos Records digital release
series. Poised between two of the mighty legacies of Detroit, 'Space
Blue' takes the Dilla touch to an extended, 3 Chairs style house
meditation on rhythm modulation, making Gottsching cumulii shower
synth shards.

Space Blue: the title is a hint, a certain cold outerspace melancholy
which perforates the warmth of a shifting upright bass sample that
underpins the track. Cosmic jazz tones for mental therapy. Or, maybe
it's it's the trace of blue light in a club that catches the trails of
smoky wonderment wafting upwards.

The flipside to this stunning piece is a remix by CB Radio, who strips
away the A-side's gaseous atmospheres for a physical disco-house
flex'n'bump refix that's suitable for riding the back alleys of the
city of the future.

The haze permeates, still we know this much; Space is the Place.